Formation of alum

Chemistry of the Elements 2nd Edn. Very little of Alum Rock Avenue is feet wide even today. The coloring in the picture above is on the crystals, not in them.


Mother Nature Climbs Back into the Driver's Seat The carnival-like atmosphere of Alum Rock Park's "glory days" roughly from to brought hundreds of thousands of tourists and local folks to dance, ride the rides, view the zoo animals, "take" the mineral waters, picnic and swim.

After a week nothing had formed on the string. Sea-shell bearing sandstone and limestone are plentiful giving evidence that Alum Rock Park was a beach environment 15, years ago.

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By adding something like a poker chip to the bottom, then dropping a few undissolved crystals on the poker chip, the crystals will grow on the chip and can be removed and displayed more safely. In the Synod of Whitby, which affected the course of Christianity in England, was held here.

Young folks thought nothing of driving down from Burlingame or San Francisco for an evening of dancing at the pavilion. Regardless of whether you elect to grow your crystal by the evaporation technique or the super saturated technique, you will need some way to suspend the crystal in the growing medium.

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One of the earliest, and still the most extensively used, is aluminum sulfate, also known as alum. If the solution is allowed to cool more slowly in an insulated box, I use a Styrofoam ice chest with a pot of hot water in it to slow the cooling, much larger crystals will form a truly impressive display.

Alternatively, a footpath leads to the beach via Alum Bay Chine. There are several public paths and two nature trails here. Some of the springs are salty, some carbonated and most are sulfurous.

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The coast is edged by National Trust land that is open to the public and gives access to Godrevy Head, the highest point on this coast which boasts magnificent views inland and towards St Ives.

The alum promotes coagulation of fine particles which helps resolve problems of color as well a turbidity. The covered plunge became the model for something much better. If you do the crystals will grow much faster, in as little as an hour, but they will be so fine and numerous that they look like a mass of coarse cotton.

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The simplest, fastest crystals of all to grow. The simplest and fastest crystals to grow are Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) crystals. Epsom salt is sold for a few dollars in half-gallon containers in the medicine department of grocery stores.

Blue Angels Alumni: Blue Angels that have sent in photos they have taken. These old Blue Angel Aircraft are now found all over the country.

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A BIG THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED AND HELPED WITH THIS WEBSITE OVER THE YEARS. If alum crystals have not started to form, scratch the inside walls of the flask with a stirring rod.

This provides sites at which crystallization can begin, followed by crystal formation throughout the liquid. WATER QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR GOVERNMENT BUYERS. Hach has a complete portfolio of instruments and chemistries with support and services to help you get the right results.


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Composition: Papermaker's alum is aluminum sulfate. When the water hardness is high some papermakers reverse the order in order to minimize formation of calcium abietate and related rosin salts that are tacky and not efficient at making the paper hydrophobic.

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Formation of alum
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